Voodoo Shakedown

sat apr 27, 11PM

Voodoo Shakedown is a Canadian rock band hailing out of Toronto, Ontario. The band was formed in 2017 by vocalist Samantha Priest and guitarist Corey Vandermey.

The two have truly created an uncharted rock flavour, with the combination of Priest's powerful, haunting vocals and Vandermey's down and dirty, spellbinding guitar riffs. A sound that is catchy and exciting, with a hard edge and dark twist, that is sure to get the feet stomping.

The band recently released their debut single, “Down Below”. The single was followed by a smashing, in your face, music video that Priest and Vandermey directed and produced. The single will also be featured in an upcoming independent, sci-fi film, J1S.

Voodoo Shakedown just welcomed two new members to the band. Drummer, Sid Shastri, and bassist, Luis Fujimaki.

They will be releasing a follow up single this year. Stay tuned for news and show dates to soak in the elixir of sound that is Voodoo Shakedown.