Viki Pazzano


"Sometimes it seems impossible to say everything you want to say clearly, without tripping over the tongue, without stuttering over the sound of your own voice, or the sound of someone else's. Not everyone will 'get' you in plain speech. But music? That's a different story all together. We were engineered, our bodies fabricated from our roots, to 'get' music. That's why I'd rather sing about it." - Viki Pazzano

Viki Pazzano is a drummer, vocalist, songwriter and piano player. The summer before her 11th Birthday, a family friend started showing Viki some of the drum grooves he had just learned. She quickly picked up the riff from Aerosmith's Jaded and knew from that very second she'd fallen in love with being the woman behind the beat.

Before becoming a drummer and brooding songwriter, she got her start as a dancer, taking jazz and tap classes for about six years. Though she’d rather not remember the costumes her tap class was blessed with (one year their theme was “Clocks” and it involved a gold unitard with a top hat - yes, it was as scary as it sounds), she always loved showing off her knack for rhythm. Funnily enough in second year university Pazzano got to dust off her tap shoes once again - her part in Reefer Madness required a little bit of tap dancing for the final number.

Back to the music. Pazzano wrote her first tune at age 9 on piano, an instrumental. A few years later after watching a documentary on Alicia Keys, she was inspired to hammer out her first original with lyrics. Following this, and thanks to a growing list of experiences with heartbreak, angst, falling in love and growing up, Pazzano took to the keys and penned lyrics about all that she was experiencing. Her solo music balanced out nicely with her involvement in school bands and theatrical ventures. She was a member of Clarkson Secondary’s R'n'B' and jazz bands, honing repertoire by Aretha Franklin, Otis Redding, James Brown, Ella Fitzgerald from ‘03 to ‘07. She contributed creatively to co-writing a score for a play (Hedges) and later music-directing the school’s musical inspired by the songs of Tom Waits (Little Trip to Heaven). In between these ventures Pazzano got together with friends putting together rock cover bands for talent shows and fundraisers.

From 2012 to 2014 Pazzano formed the wayback playback classic rock group Black Vinyl with three family members. She was the group’s lead singer and latin percussionist. The four-piece performed hits by Fleetwood Mac, Joan Jett, Blondie, Heart, Tina Turner, Santana, Sade and No Doubt. Wanting to get out and play more gigs as the main drummer, she departed from the group and has since been in search of a new band. Viki is thrilled to be a part of the Bout 2019 and wants to thank her family and friends for their ongoing love and support.