The Universe Featuring Ray


The Universe Featuring Ray is the soul creation of Ray Stern, who combines her art and indie-pop music to produce an out-of-the-box style live show with stage props, and funky dance moves. Her songs are original and catchy, ranging from vulnerable and innocent to hilarious and hardcore, with flavours of rock, pop, rap, soul, folk, blues and occasionally spoken word poetry stirred into the mix. She's been compared to a wide variety of artists, from Jack Black to Lady Gaga, Nina Hagen to Ani DiFranco, and her personal favourite; Cheryl Crow on Acid. With undeniable stage presence that's electrifying but all coming from her wild acoustic guitar and her strong voice, you’ll wonder where she's hiding the rest of the band... and when she'll be taking over the mainstream.


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Lucky# - The Universe Featuring Ray