With their new and exciting sound, you definitely want to check out SpaceGirl! Go check them out live. I believe you will be fascinated with their unique sound and style. They call this genre Space Grunge. I guarantee these cyberpunks will take you to otherworldly dimensions with songs like 'Movin To A New Moon', 'Too Close To The Earth', and 'Take A Trip'. On these tracks, you'll hear Alex Sandor pounding out tribal drum beats with Brandon Ong locked in with rhythmic precision on his bass. On top, Teresa Hart's screaming guitar and heartfelt vocals will transport you to other galaxies filled with dreams and passion. When I talked with the band they used the titles of some of their songs to describe their journey. They said they had to 'Take a Trip' to find something new and exciting, as they felt that they were tied 'Too Close To The Earth. Manifesting a feeling of 'Zero Gravity' they wanted to move into the realm of 'Virtual Reality'. I feel it is mission accomplished. I urge you to check them out! Their first album SpaceGirl – Virtual Reality is coming out later this month.


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Movin To A New Moon - SpaceGirl