Ron the Baptist

Fri jan 25, 10pM

Ron the Baptist’s defining electric pop rock sound is anything but the gospel choirs his name might inspire, but that’s not to say his music won’t leave a congregation of fans in its wake. Proudly bridging the gap between the new wave pop of yesteryear and the alt rock of the aughts, Ron’s slick and emotional stories of of love, loss and rebellion under the neon skyline of the city make him one of the latest forces in indie rock to be reckoned with.

Embracing the synthesizers and funk bass of the 80’s with a contemporary production courtesy of Feurd Moore and Frankie Figliomeni (The Elwins), Ron’s debut EP Sorry This Happened To You is a hook heavy collection of tunes that sound like the future filtered through your Mom’s record collection.

Ron the Baptist is the solo project of singer-songwriter Aaron Carley. An active artist and musician in the Toronto and Ottawa music communities over the past seven years, Ron the Baptist has been in development in this current incarnation since January 2017. Armed with a collection of fresh songs and a plan, Ron the Baptist is primed to explode into the music scene as one of Toronto’s artists-to-watch.