FRI FEB 1, 10pm

PUPPET is a prog-rock calculator, dipped in experimental psychedelic syrup with flakes of metal that was found just outside the solar system.

PUPPET (Peterborough, ON) began when Jake Bartoli (vocals/guitar) and Darren Zunde (bass) met at an open mic and decided to start a band on the spot. The difficult-to-describe music that arose from their meeting was as organic as the carrots in your local health food store. Their debut album Z was a DIY effort that was released in 2016. Since then, they have been playing shows around Ontario and constantly progress their writing styles by steeping odd-time signatures and non-traditional song structures into their musical cup of tea. Near the end of 2017, what felt like a missing piece of the puzzle, was filled by Victor Karwacki (drums) with his thunderous and complex drumming.