Sat jan 19, 8pm

Pradic is a singer and songwriter originally from Chile but currently based

in Toronto, Canada combining sounds of pop music mixed with indie style and native vocals with his deep vocal range. Moving lyrics, dope blend of music and mystifying voice, singer and songwriter Pradic is making his way into the uphill battle of music industry. Originally from Chile he moved at the age of 19 years old to pursue his passion and career to the multicultural city of Toronto, Canada. His first release ''Afraid Of'' is making impact in both north and south hemisphere and it will continue as he is a big promise of the indie pop music. During 2017 he had the chance to play live in Chile in front of 150-200 people in events and hitting some bars as well, he studied music production in Chile so he can make his own demos and don’t depend 100% on a music producer to make his music become reality. His lyrics are about his life ,nature and even sex experiences as he said in an interview for his upcoming album ‘’Snowbird’’.

During his younger years it took him a long time to ''come out'' as a singer and get enough courage to sing in front of people, one of his bad experiences was when his teacher told in front of the whole class when he was 10 years old that he wanted to become a singer and everybody started making laugh of him. Now with 20 years old he's proving everyone's wrong and that he can make his dreams come true and that he will fight to be heard and to spread his message through his music. He is a fully supporter of human rights, gender equality, lgbtq+ community and he believes that we are all equal and we all deserve the same respect regardless sexual orientation, religion, nationality, etc. We all should have the same rights and we all should respect each other and embrace our differences because that's what makes us uniques.