Fri mar 15, 10pM

"A rising icon with various different talents, we can tell that this promising artist has a lot going for her in the future."
-BuzzMusic LA

Redefining sound, Melotika is an indie pop artist and the alter ego of Mel Yelle. Born and raised in Montreal, singer/songwriter Melotika moved to Toronto to pursue music further after the completion of a music production and sound design program. Melotika fuses rich and smokey vocals over sultry electro beats for the debut EP entitled "Unaware." Growing up in the suburbs of Montreal, Melotika from the start has gone through the struggles that can often plague a young creative mind. After years of headbanging at festivals and dancing in night clubs, Melotika took her songwriting and sound design projects to Toronto to record New Wave music. With intentions of collaborating with other musicians in the near future, stay tuned for more Melotika music on the way.

Throughout the debut EP “Unaware,” quirky moments are noticeable along with stunning electroacoustic compositions produced and designed by Mel Yelle. Melotika began with composing demos in early 2016, “Downtown Summer ft. Krosst Out” and “Unaware.” The project was a success, and Melotika decided to re-record both tracks and continue making music with the final product “Unaware.” Toronto artist Jackman Jones assisted Melotika in producing the debut EP. Melotika has been doing a number of live shows in the past two years in the city of Toronto and throughout Canada’s East Coast.

Always doing things differently, the first single released off the debut EP is a song called “Unaware Part II (Blindside),” leaving the newly recorded track “Unaware” a surprise for Melotika fans. This single has now been released on all digital platforms since January 30th, 2018. The official EP “Unaware” has been released since March 9th, 2018. Videos off the debut EP have been released for the “Intro,” “Unaware Part II (Blindside)” and “Bittersweet Reality.” A remix for the single “Millionaires” has been capturing the attention of dance music lovers here in Ontario as of December 7th, 2018 playing on radio every Friday and Saturday on 105.9FM the Region, TMS Underground . In the upcoming new year, a brand new music video for “Don’t Believe (You Speak)” will be available.