FRI FEB 1, 11pm

Long Day is a Progressive-Grunge band based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Deep-rooted in Grunge, enveloped in the aesthetics of 90’s Alternative Rock, and incorporating fine touches of Prog - Long Day’s music ranges from powerful, energetic guitar-riff driven songs to touching, intimate ballads - all infused with lyrics about global, world-scale issues as well as personal, inner-most ones.
Long Day began its way in Israel in 2012 and in 2014 started recording its debut album, "Perhaps Too Long" with former members Amit Serper (Drums, Percussion, & Backing Vocals) and Gur Oren (Bass Guitar).

Shortly after the release of "Perhaps Too Long" in 2016, Yuval Fenichel (Guitars, Vocals) moved to Canada and started looking for new band-mates. In 2018 Rohan Menon (Guitars), Shaurya Arora (Drums & Backing Vocals), and Charlie Poulson (Bass Guitar) joined Long Day and allowed it to start its life anew in Toronto.