joe chammas

Fri Jan 18, 8PM

Joe's musical journey didn’t quite start the way most people would think. He inherited most of his musical tastes from his older brother and in middle school was a practicing hip-hop head. He began writing rap lyrics and continued to write and perform rap until well into high school. It was over the course of those four years that he started to experiment with the guitar but he gave up on it pretty quickly claiming that "it wasn't for him." Ironically enough, once he graduated from high school and several easy opportunities to take formal guitar lessons had passed him by, he decided to give it another shot. The lyrics he was writing at that time were already beginning to take a turn toward folk and pop.

After high school he bought his first guitar. It was a bright pink Yamaha electric guitar. He was obsessed with playing lead and wanted to master the art of “face-melting guitar solos.” Luckily, that phase was over quickly and he focused all of his energy on songwriting for the next few years (and picked up his first acoustic guitar along the way). He honed his craft at friends’ parties in basements and backyards, at open mic nights, and eventually a string of full sets at local lounges and coffee shops. In 2007, he began recording his first EP of original music and completed and released it the following year. It was called "the window ep" and it was released on July 18th, 2008.sho