Deep Dark River

FRI mar 8, 8PM

Morgan Rider & the Deep Dark River combines all the humble qualities of blues, folk and classical into a well-balanced, artfully crafted musical reflection on life, hope and old-fashioned storytelling while delivering a uniquely fresh and uplifting listening experience.

Born in Toronto in 1989, singer, song-smith and multi-instrumentalist Morgan Rider had his earliest imaginings of life as a musician while contending with a tumultuous childhood. Often overhearing his mother – who is a trained operatic soprano – his love and understanding of music blossomed at an early age. During the summer of 2017, Morgan’s adoration of folk, classical and blues music finally culminated into a project and the beginnings of a collection of songs. The name Deep Dark River had been stuck in his head for years, as a byproduct of his writings and alluding to the very nature of his ideas as a musician and artist. As such, Deep Dark River became the name by which he would perform beneath. 

As yet another legendary Canadian winter begins to unfold, so to will the next chapter of Deep Dark River. Morgan will re-enter his personal studio with cellist Nate Morrison to begin recording an early 2019 album release.