FRI jan 18, 11pm

Being the first Canadian artist to independently release a rock+jungle recording on 12" vinyl, “The Codex Remixes”, Codex also became one of the first Canadian acts signed to Dave Allen(Gang of Four, Shreikback) of LA-based World Domination Recordings label, which then internationally re-released their debut 12”vinyl along with their first self titled ‘Codex’ CD.

With a library of sorts built on the foundation of a dozen CD and vinyl releases, Codex has also been busy writing for film and television such as HBO’s ‘Sexbytes’ television series as well as Toronto’s OOhLaLa, and MMVA television shows.

With surrealistic and avant-garde music videos, to dynamic and theatrical live shows, Codex which represents a new sound music from Toronto, Canada, is always keeping an eye on the past but most certainly always looking towards the future.