City Circuits

FRI APR 12, 12AM

The tight & bright explosiveness of emotion, melody and sincerity you hear in the music of City Circuits echoes proud & loud from the unified core of the band and their shared vision of
the music they make. Bonded by brotherhood, the band is fueled by the talents & skills of David Smith (Vocals, Rhythm Guitar), Jonathan Smith (Drums, Vocals) Corey Biot (Lead Guitar) and Paul Rossi (Bass) quickly making a name for themselves in one of Canada’s most infamous music-scenes where they’re based in Toronto, ON.

With songs that genuinely reflect their passion, heart and determination, these guys pack authenticity into their sound in a way that resonates deep within. You can hear the deep appreciation they have for the opportunity to play & make music together by the way they weave their melodies, music & words together in comforting, natural progressions that sound like they were always inside of them beforehand & just waiting to get out into the world.

City Circuits are looking to take their indie-rock/alternative sound to the next-level and lead the way to a style of music that really means something to people out there. Appreciating every moment of the journey along the way.