9 Lives and Counting


And so began the history of 9 Lives and Counting…

At first there was nothing but silence. Then from the silence came a voice that said “Let there be rock… and let it be good.”

Peter stepped forward. He had his guitar and his songs but no words. Then from across the great divide of the internet came Craig. Brought together by the magic of a mighty list, the List of Craig (no relation), the two went off in search of rhythm.

Their search was vast. Many men would bring their sticks forward and beat their drums. When the dust had settled Jason remained. In his left hand a drumstick, in his right hand a drumstick, and on his drum kit a lifetime warrantee. Knowing they were one giant robot away from forming a musical Voltron, Craig spoke unto the others “Hey my buddy, Scott from my band in high school is a pretty sick bass player and I don’t think he’s doing anything.”

And it was so.


Listen Now:
Out of My Head - 9 Lives and Counting