369 (3-6-9)

fri MAR 22, 9pM

369 (pronounced '3-6-9') is a Toronto born band formed in 2018 by singer Zion Montaque from Toronto, Ont. and guitarist Joe McMasters of Nanton, AB. Drummer Matheus Gasques of Sao Paulo, Brazil joined the group shortly after meeting the duo at The Steves Music open mic while visiting the city as english student/tourist and decided to make the move to Toronto to shorten the commute. The band is currently on the search for a permanent bassist ! luckily we were able to get out good friend the all talented James Cudworth of Liverpool, England to slap that shit for us as we continue our search ! 369's sound is a dynamic blend of blues, rock n roll, and soul music. Drawing from influences such as Chaka Khan, James Brown and Led Zeppelin 369 has a diverse collection of songs written by an even more diverse group of members.